Pay Per Post: Earning while blogging

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Since college I wanted to have my own site hence, I took my computer subjects a bit seriously than other classes. But unfortunately I wasn't able to do so, not that I cant create one since even back then there were some sites that offer free domain and hosting, but because I don't really know what to put in it. Then came the social networking era, I signed up to these sites and quickly made new friends, found the old ones and most specially strengthened the present one's. One part of social networking was blogging, though I never understood what was it for but still I made several blogs.

Then I realize, I'm not getting anything for my time and effort so I said to myself why bother blogging. I took that question until I started working, only then did I realize that It was a great past time, and a nice way to earn cash without doing much. I started searching and the first result was pretty obvious because I'm presently writing something about it. Payperpost is great because you get to earn while you blog, which is like a normal activity nowadays. Earning while doing something you like is simply great. Another thing I like about the site is that it's simple to sign up, very straight forward, fast and clear.

I signed up not only because I can release stress while earning, I can also practice my literary, artistic and keyboard skills. I haven't made any new friends yet but I think I'll be finding a hand full simply because it's great to meet new acquaintances. As a computer engineer I'm really fond of gadgets like mobile devices (i.e. laptops, cellphones, etc...) , and I think Payperpost can help me acquire the latest gadget without worrying on even how to produce the money needed to buy what I want, for now I set my eyes on two things, a high end cellphone or an Ultra mobile PC. both can help me increase my ability to blog and simply feel cool...

8ASTW Hell Week First Encounter

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As the preparation for the 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week progresses, one might expect problems and issues to arise, and soon enough it came true. At the last week of preparation we expect to wrap up things as soon as possible and settle all the things that needs to be settled, but we can't expect things to always go as planned. More and more changes to the original game plan arose and even extending considerable working hours per day isn't enough to create havoc at our small but never the less reliable office.

One of these incidents came when I was totally at a loss, all but one of my transactions were failing, and I was behind schedule but the irony was that it was at a time when help was being extended to us and I would be lifted with one of my duties. A message was sent to me, telling that I am to give up one of my failing duties and let another office handle it, I was for a moment relieved, but that moment was short lived.

By time I handed over the materials, I felt a bit of hell had been released and that a rush of cold air had blown on every corner of my body. I thought I was relived, but it seemed I had a new boss, and my priority had quickly made a sharp turn to accommodate my thought of a relieved duty. I felt stressed and less than a person, but still a sense of respect and duty prevailed and kept myself together even just for the night. The release of duty was actually a fast track of what I was actually doing, I never felt that I was helped, due to the fact that I already canceled the transaction a few minutes before what they call help arrived.

though my description is unclear, I knew it would be an unforgettable experience. They say it is just a tip of the ice berg but hey, its one hell of an ice berg, for now I just want to get over with everything, nothing more, nothing less.

Forecasted Hell Week: Pre-8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in college before every term ends we would have what we students would call "Hell Week". It's literally a week of Hell for us students, and for the professors, its what they call exams. The reason why its called Hell week is that we have to endure for one week all the final exams for all our subjects, and these exams aren't easy, well I guess it's not supposed to be one, but the point is these exams are difficult for the majority of students, also it's our the last chance to pass all our unfinished projects and prove to our professors that we are worthy of passing grades, this is the time that usually spell life and death for our college life.

After graduation I thought I would never have to endure the same hardships similar to hell week, but then it seems I spoke to soon, by the end of June our office will be experiencing what I would imagine as Hell week, office style. By the third week of June my boss already gave us a hint that we should brace ourselves on the last few days of preparation for the 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week with which our office is the secretariat. All of us are preparing our request for over time and we are also preparing our mind and bodies to endure tremendous pressure and stress.

I have not yet to experience this and maybe I might write something about it but for now all I now is that, our office will be very toxic soon and all hell could break loose. I have prepared myself just like college for this might spell life and death for my working life, this event could make me if things worked flawlessly or break me if things went bad, though I'm confident that I'll get over this event.

Or maybe I'm just over reacting like I always do. But then It wouldn't be bad to be extra careful and expect the unexpected, after all I do expect that some things will go wrong eventually like someone is playing on us. Just like a game, I guess I'll just have to think of a strategy for every eventuality on the spot.

A fresh new look on my cell phone

I have already tried a number of phones but this phone stood up the most. Its a nokia 5200 mobile phone, It's not high-end but definitely reliable and dependable. I have this phone for over a year and I'm a bit surprised that it lived that long, considering the kind of battering that I do. Its a bit late for me to make a review about this phone since this phone has been in the market for quite some time, and I would simply like to make a tribute to the phone and to the company that made it (not that they needed one...)

The nokia 5200 is a mediocre compared to its cousin the nokia 5300, it only has a VGA camera, symbian OS, long battery life, can play mp3's and radio. These are the exact features that I was looking for when I bought the phone, and after more than a year, I got more from my money.
First was the type of battering that I did in a list and the result

1. fallen from two (2) meters high - minimal damage to exterior, phone operation has not changed

2. over charged, and emptied the batteries - battery life is still amazing, at full charge the battery can stay for 4 days, with texting, calling and gaming included.

3. played games, - free and trial symbian games only, still works perfectly

4. Used as a back up memory - works just like my thumb drive

5. Thrown around - still works perfectly

off all these punishments the 2 meter fall made the biggest impact, and I decided to buy new housing for my phone and the results are from the pictures above. From the original blue and red strips I got an all black rubberized housing and partnered it with a fresh new theme I got from the Internet (free ofcourse...) and look I think my phone got a bit younger...

Office Clutter

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I always knew that in order to work efficiently one has to have a conducive environment. That I knew until I actually worked, in the real world having a nice well maintained work area isn't really your priority once you think about it (for me I guess).

My table is full of clutter and that everything is either for priority or urgently needed, and by the time I finish one task, another comes in to fill the space, and these tasks come in bundles. I barely have room for my mug and even my computer is having a heart attack. How to manage such a mess, simple, extend your working hours and I'm not talking about minutes here, but in hours.

Since highschool I always wanted to be busy, accomplishing things, having the feeling of fulfillment, but sometimes, you just can't finish them all, and that no matter what you do, no matter how badly you want things to work out perfectly, things go wrong. I really don't want to blame my clutter, because no matter how confusing it looks, it's actually arranged and organized in such a way that only I can see where things needed to be.

But I guess it won't hurt to have a neat environment...

Just a thought: how I wish

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There always come a time when you get unsatisfied with something even everything, from the clothes you wear, food you eat, salary, your work and even on how things go in your life. It just doesn't feel right to everything you wanted and yet that's just all there is to it, just seeing things.

I've always thank for all my blessing and sometimes misfortunes and hard lessons learned, but sometimes you just get frustrated for not having more. It is not about being greedy, but the feeling of having what you want, being proud of yourself and not having the feeling of being deprived of the thing you really want and instead get the things you didn't actually wished but still great.

I sometimes ask, why do I see these things, why do they show them to me?...I guess it's a way to motivate me to be more of myself, or it might also say that you don't deserve such blessings. I have no regrets (so far...) in my life, but I've always wanted more. That, maybe is how I was raised or how I just think of myself. Is really possible for me to be what I wanted to be?...That is a question no one can answer, but that would be one question whose answer will not be decided by my hands alone but will also be decided by faith, by my surrounding's and by eventualities that cannot be controlled by any man .

Everyman wishes for more, the only difference is that everyman has it's own definition of the word "more".

The Incredible Hulk

I'm always amazed on how they make movies out of comic without making it cartoon like. The incredible Hulk is a very well made film, though it wasn't as spectacular as I'd hope for.

the story is like the continuation of the first movie, but I'd really like to know why it's title isn't called The Incredible Hulk part 2. The story goes after Bruce Banner played by Edward Norton whose experiment for the US military used himself as a guinea pig on gamma rays and ended up being a rampaging green monster killing people and destroying properties. After avoiding detection for a long time he ended up in Brazil and not only that he was able to find a job and learn Portuguese.

At first I thought the factory girl he saved from a bunch of factory bullies would be his partner, but then she never left Brazil. Unlike Bruce whose blood has dropped into one of the bottles and ended up in a US consumer in America (played by the legendary Stan Lee) gave the US military a hint on where to find the elusive green giant. As soon as the military was tailing Bruce he ended up in a tight situation with the factory bullies and with the military, as a result, Hulk emerges destroying everything in its path.

Bruce then finds himself in Guatemala and works his way to the United States to find her partner the lovely Betty Ross played by Liv Tyler. As soon as they met they worked to find a cure to the green menace but again the military was tailing them, this time of the military officers Emil Blonsky took some of experiment of Bruce to become a supper villain but still his exposure to the gamma rays was low and sure enough one kick from the hulk and his bones became crushed gravel.

Bruce and Betty after eluding the military finds Mr. Blue who helped Bruce suppress the green giant within him, but after a successful experiment, the military ever persistent came to ruin everything and this time Emil took Mr. Blue and asked him to inject more gamma rays and the result was an abomination, another green giant and this time gave the hulk a fairly good match. But then the Hulk still prevails after a few hits here and there plus a few damaged property.

At the end of the movie Gen. Ross (father of Betty and the guy responsible for making and chasing Bruce) was found drinking in a bar and all of a sudden Tony Starks shows up, and we all knew him, he's the Iron Man, and he tells Gen. Ross that they are building a team! Hhmm... wonder what that was all about but I guess if all the Marvel super heroes would show in one movie, that would be a blast.

The movie was great and I think the story was fairly nice, but there was a lot of talk and the hulk seemed to be more timid and in control of himself, not like the one we knew that rampaged everything in sight. The hulk in the movie was also more controlled by Betty and though the green giant still gives a nice scream, there were a lot of times he looked rather calm. It's also nice to know that the hulk uses his signature moves in the movie.

The movie was great and is a good addition to other great marvel movies.

Simple Home-Made Pizza

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My family asked me to do something special since I was always out of the house, so I decided make myself and my family some pizza. I didn't have time to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients I needed so just went to a local grocery store and bought alternatives.

The ingredients were:

Quick melting cheese
Parmesan cheese
Pizza Sauce

I didn't indicate the amount because for me that usually depends on how you like your pizza, for me I just wanted two different types of cheese to add texture and just the right sauce and a lot of meat into my pizza


1. Cook your hotdogs and spam in a nice non-stick pan
2. Cut your hotdogs and spam into bite size pieces and set aside
2. take a piece of bread, and cut in half
3. Spread your pizza sauce just to cover the top
4. spread the hotdogs and spam on top (depends on how much you like your meat)
5. Spread your quick melting cheese first before the Parmesan on top of your meat (again, depends on how much you like)
6. Dump it into your oven
7. A few minutes (5 to 8) until the cheese melts
8. and enjoy!

now that was simple, I satisfied my pallet and saved a few bucks. The pizza was great specially for kids, and since our house has plenty of them everyone enjoyed the snack. I once added shrimps, pine apples, you know the usual stuff you'd fine in an ordinary pizza parlor, but the difference is that this one is home made and imagination as your only limit.


Friday, June 6, 2008

This about a dream of mine which I find rather weird. I know people sometimes get wild dreams or fantasies but there are times when I can't really decipher what they mean or should I really bother trying, honestly...

The setting is a damp, maze of apartments, whose rooms were small and looks very old and dirty, its like an old dungeon cell with modern amenities. One weird thing was the to get to these apartments, you need to go through stairs that at first glance, doesn't seem to direct you to any room at all, until you try one.

I'm not alone in my dream, I was with my old buddies from high school. I know our group was complete, but then some of them seemed to be lost in the maze and the few of us who were together seemed to have a silent understanding to look for them, until one by one I'd loose my buddies.

We looked room after room until I was alone, I didn't notice how my buddies disappeared, all I know was I was left alone inside the maze, standing and trying to think, what the hell happened. Then I woke up, late for work, still thinking what was that all about, I guess I'll never know, but at least It made me think.

Another day at the Office

Since mid-May our office was one hell of place to work, but it wasn't always that way. Before everything was pretty much laid back, not much to think about, not much to do, everything was a bit peaceful and a few laughs here and there, but then, a long awaited event changed everything. Bit by bit our work load suddenly increased and the joy of having new faces to work with suddenly disappeared, we are now expecting when the day comes that all hell will break loose.

But, I'm not about to talk about that, its the result of doing so much work. Honestly, I kinda like working more than I used to do, I feel that I'm improving myself even though it's tiring at times. But sometimes it just gets into you that you soon forget the little things that no matter how small, is just as important. One very good example literally is brushing your teeth, I usually brush my teeth after meals, but because I do so much work, I tend to use even my lunch break time to finish a few tasks just to get home early, tsk...

I tend to eat more since I burn more energy, (or I guess that's how I feel...) so I gain a bot more weight, darn! I forget things, I do clumsy things, not to mention I sleep a lot. But after all the hassle I still like it, I like the feeling of fulfillment, the joy of being commended for a good job despite the difficulties.

Manila Ocean Park

Monday, June 2, 2008

After a long and tiring week my Girl Friend and I decided to have a date last week end just to get away from it all and at the same time that our next date be different, while I stumbled upon a program on the Discovery Channel about marine life, I decided to look for an overgrown aquarium. Good thing we now have the Manila Ocean Park located along Roxas Blvd., here in Manila, Philippines. We got on our rubber shoes and off we went.

Upon entering I got my camera to take pictures but unfortunately I forgot the batteries so good bye digital camera, good thing my camera phone saved me from my embarrassment. Thats not all I forgot, I also forgot to withrew extra cash! Good thing this ocean park is very very nice, guess what?...They accept credit cards!!!, Thank you plastic!

Now, The Manila Ocean Park isn't fully finished but they opened some portions to the public which though was still largely undone but very nice. My girl friend and I thought we'd saw a lot of fish, unfortunately we saw a lot of kids...The tanks were like three to four maybe even five inches thick yet we can still see the wonderful marine life clearly as though we were swimming right next to it, specially at the transparent walkway.

The Manila Ocean Park is a must and the price isn't that bad for Php 400 (adult) and Php 350 (children) , Ive been to Hong Kong's Ocean Park and I can say that the guys behind our Manila Ocean Park did a great job and I hope they continue that. Me and My Girl Friend plan to visit the MOP when its fully completed and hopefully we'd be more amazed.

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