Monday, February 11, 2008

I thought that the first post would be a brief description of myself, now I say brief so don't expect me to tell you everything about me, coz' honestly i don't even know myself that well. Here's a preview of who I am, on how i know myself, but like I always say its better to meet me in person since, people have different views on me.

I'm a contributor to the economy, I am as of posting time a computer programmer (title only) basically an IT person in our office, everything that has to do with IT goes through me. I like my job but at some point I do hunger for more, more satisfaction, more knowledge, more experience, more exposure, more salary etc..

as a person, I like new acquaintances and respect people around me. I do know how to get along with the crowd, even if it sometimes goes overboard. I'm probably a person who can listen to anybody about anything, I'm a silent person but i do know how to speak my mind if the need arises, and I try to do what needs to be done, it may be always right but most of the time it just needs to be done.

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