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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its amazing how the world seems to be a lot smaller thanks to our present technology, communicating regardless of distance or language. A lot of people has taken advantage on what our technology now has to offer, and that includes myself. We can tell what we want and sometimes earn a couple of bucks in the process. Blogging is an online entry of any topic and usually it tells the feelings of the writer. Microblogging is simply a shorter version of Blogging, since some entries or feelings or topics can actually be written in a few words.

Social Networking Sites allows people to create a place to see their friends, acquaintances and people they dont even know and connect with them and share with them a part of their life as well. For every symbol that we press into the keyboard, for every word that comes out of our screen, and for every entry that we publish, someone eventually reads them and makes and interpretation on their own of what the group of symbols mean.

We have these technologies that are acctually opportunities to connect and create a feeling of freedom to say and be who we are to everyone.

Jennifers Body

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Definitely one of the movies Id love to see again. At first I thought it was just another ordinary movie and that the only aspect that made me and my girlfriend watch is the fact that Megan Fox was in it, well we'd like to see if she has more to offer than what she did in Transformers and we saw that she did.

The story is about two best friends with very different worlds, Jennifer the sexy hot chick and Needy the book worm. It all comes at a concert in the local bar when the bar burns the band who plays there suddenly takes Jenny and offers her to Satan. Since Jennifer is not a virgin which the band members did not know, turned into a flesh eating chick who preys mostly on boys.

As the story goes Jennifer confessed to her best friend Needy. Needy shocked tried to keep her boyfriend away from her, but unfortunately Jennifer caught Needy's boyfriend and tried to eat him. Needy came to her boyfriends rescue and injuring Jennifer in the process. Needy's boyfriend dies and Needy herself was bitten, what she didnt know is that anyone bitten by the monster and survives absorbs some of the monsters abilities. Needy kills her bestfriend and ends up in a mental hospital, she eventually escapes and hunts down the band members that initially killed her bestfriend, and kills them.

A very cool movie, with a very cool sound track and ill be grabbing a copy of the songs.

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