The best gift

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is very near and most of us would be thinking about the best holiday gifts this yuletide season. I'm not much of a gift giver but I do at times give something for someone. Before I would really like to receive gifts, and even get envy if someone gets what I want, not until I got to work did I really appreciate giving to be more rewarding than receiving.

Everytime before I give something I always ask what he or she wanted, so that I would know what to give,I never really bothered the surprise thing, for me what matters is that the person that I'm giving would appreciate whatever I give.

There was one experience during my lowest days, when someone special to me is going to have a birthday. While our family was experiencing, what you may call a financial breakdown, I gathered what money I had just to be able to give something, anything...Surprisingly I was able to get a whopping twenty pesos, like I said we were experiencing a financial breakdown.

After my college class I got home and bought what my money can buy along the way, twenty pesos worth of brittle nut. Honestly I got excited, happy even that I could give something, when I got home I gave her my gift with a big smile in my face. What I got in return was something unexpected. A frown and shout in my face, I shouldn't have bothered giving the gift, and it hurt me so bad. I didn't ate just to save money, I skipped class just to be home early but got disappointed.

It's an experience I will never forget, but it taught me one good lesson. If you don't have anything to give then don't bother giving anything. Instead, just be with the person you love, and show him or her that he or she is special without giving presents.

The best gift is yourself, no matter what the occasion and best thing is, it will never go out of time.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book from the twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. As it trails through the life of Bella and Edward, you may also try my blogs on Twilight Book 1 of Stephenie Meyer, New Moon Book 2 of the Twilight Saga and Eclipse Book 3 of the twilight Saga.

In this novel, the cullen family including Edward to turn Bella into a vampire with a few conditions, started with the marriage of Edward and Bella. After the marriage the couple spent their honeymoon in an island in Brazil which was owned by the cullens. Amazingly Bella finds herself pregnant with the confirmation of Carlisle. Edward initially wants the child aborted for Bella's safety but Bella insisted on having the baby and goes back to the US.

At their house the ware wolves found out about Bella's condition and fearful on what the baby could bring wanted the baby to be destroyed. After hering this Jacob, protested and separated from his pack and creating his own with Seth and Leah as part of the new pack. Jacob's pack vowed to protect Bella and her baby providing protection while the vampires cannot see when and where the ware wolves will attack.

Bella soon gives birth, and during the process, her condition worsens,in order to save her life Edward makes her into a vampire and after healing finds herself enjoying her new life, while Jacob soon finds out that his soulmate is actually Bella's daughter Renesmee, this outrages Bella but soon accepts Jacob as a son-in-law.

A vampire named Irina saw Renesmee and mistook her as an immortal child went to the Vulturi a power vampire clan who controls the actions of vampires. Knowing this fact the cullens prepare themselves and gathered vampires from around the world to stand witness and show that Renesmee is not an immortal child, Bella also soon discovers her unique ability to shield others from attacks of other vampire abilities. As the vulturi clan came in force, the cullen proves that Renesmee is not an immortal child but the volturi has not decided whether to let the cullens live, Bella protects the cullens and their allies while the Voluri deliberates their faith.

Jasper and Alice soon came with them is a 150 year old half-vampire which proves that Renesmee is not a threat and there is no reason for such a confrontation. After hearing and seeing this the Volturi left the Cullens and their allies in peace, ending the fourth book of the twilight Saga.

The fourth book despite its good story I'm afraid isn't as good as the first or third book in the sense that there is few action involved and everything seemed I think it just lacks a bit more suspense. But none the less, this still a great book, fresh story, and a good way to end the twilight saga, or is it...

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here's the third addition to Meyer's Twilight Saga. Click here for my blog on book one twilight and here for book two New Moon. Following the story from the second book,Edward is now back in town together with his family of vampires unfortunately he also discovers that her love Bella is befriending a pack of ware wolves which incidentally are vampires greatest enemy (aside from themselves...). Alice,Edward's adopted sister who sees visions saw that Victoria a vampire who wants Bella dead is hunting her in near proximity at their town. Despite Edwards hatred of warewolves, Bella convinces Edward that she will be safe with her warewolf friends.

Bella now convinced to be one of Edward's kind tries to make love with Edward but he refuses, making sure that he does'nt hurt Bella in the process. Instead Edward made a deal to make love with Bella as soon as Bella becomes a vampire making her stronger, Bella agrees since all she wanted was to be with her Love for all enternity.

A few moments passed and the cullen family realizes that Victoria has created an army of vampires and is posing an attack.The cullens realizes this threat and made an alliance with the warewolves and fought againts Victoria and her army of vampires (That was my favorite part, all action...).

This book perhaps remedies the second book in the sense that it has more action, with a bit of twist to the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob, this bookis definitely more interesting than the second and made me wanting more for book four Breaking Dawn. I think what I liked about the twilight saga is it's closeness to reality, something believable. And, Bella and Jacob's character is really close to what you would expect in a real person, in the case of Edward,I think his character is almost a perfect gentleman.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is the second book to the twilight saga, the story follows the trail of events started during twilight. While I felt in-love with the story of twilight, my feeling on New Moon seemed different. You can see my blog about the first book here.

During Bella's eighteenth birthday celebration at the Cullen's she accidentally injured herself. The Cullen's being a family of vampires have been restraining themselves from human blood but the scent of Bella blood suddenly drives one of Edward's brother Jasper to attack Bella. Edward manages to save her but the Cullen family decides to leave their house and move to a different location for Bella's sake.

Bella obviously didn't like the idea but she can't do anything about it since they left. The worst part was she was longing for her Edward, she loves Edward very much and became so involved with their vampire family that missing him drove her to be lonely.

This loneliness was filled in by Jacob, a large part of the book was about the bonding between Jacob and Bella and I just don't like the idea but hey' I guess everybody loves a love-triangle. Bella soon found out that Jacob and his tribe are actually a bunch of ware wolves, and just like modern vampire stories ware wolves and vampires always try to kill each other.

Alice Edwards brother soon came to visit to convince Edward to stop his suicide attempt in Italy after getting information that Bella might be dead due to an accident. While at Italy Bella manages to stop Edward but their actions brought them to confront the Volturi a powerful vampire family. The Volturi felt a suddent interest with Bella as she knows too much and for her not to be killed she has to be transformed into a vampire and that she is the only person whose mind can't be read by Edward and Aro one of the members of the Volturi.

I think the story of twilight is better than New Moon but still it excites me because new characters are comming up and how the story is made close to reality, while still bringing a new color to being a vampire.

Off to book 3 and 4 of the twilight saga.

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