How to add a password to a guest account in Windows XP

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the today's world security should always be your top priority and that includes one of the most indispensable machines in everyday life, our computers. Here is simple step to add security in your beloved personal computers who uses windows xp as their operating systems, specially if your connected to a network.

Here is a common workplace scenario, your at an office who shares not only computers but files as well through the shared folder of each computer. This is a good way to save cost and at the same time improve efficiency through networking, but of the draw backs is the security issue, since all in the network can see you and all can use your computer whenever your not around. The solution, create a guest account and add a password, this allows you to let people use the guest account if they dont have any account on a particular PC, and also it allows you to choose which people in the network can access your PC, here are the steps:

1. Go to start and choose control panel;
2. Select User accounts and turn on the Guest Account
3. Go back to the control panel and choose Administrative Tools and select Computer Management;
4. Click on the folder "Local Users and Groups"
5. Right click on the Guest and select set password
6. Add the password of your choice and let the people you want to know the password.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OSIST stands for "One Stop Information Shop of Technologies in the Philippines". The web site is a project of the Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development (PCIERD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) from the Philippines. The website is basically a way for PCIERD to present to the public the number of technololgies available from the Department, whats interesting to note is that these technologies are products of researches and is now ready to be presented and be used by the public, also the website has been nominated as a finalist in the WSA Global Contest and the 11th Philippine Web Awards (PWA) e-Government Category.

The general appearance of the website is very neat, with a very clean look, there is not much clutter and shows only the information relevant to its purpose in a very clear manner. The main options are very visible at the left panel of the site which offers the available technologies, guest book, related links, and a web forum. The left panel also contains the search option of the website, which is very useful since the site contains a lot of technologies making searches easy for any user who wishes to visit the site.

The site shows at the front page the News & Updates and Success Stories, which allows visitors to read the things that are happening about the technologies being presented at the website. This adds credibility to the website and a good source of information especially to first time visitors. The right panel contains the "Most Visited Technology" section, this is a great section for showing all those topics and technologies that are usually being asked by the public, this gives visitors an idea of the content as well as a tool to help visitors look for the technologies that they need. Aside from the basic options, another feature of the site that is really helpful is the option to increase the font size of the content, allowing users to see the content at a font size of their liking.

Access to the website is easy the url si or you can click here to visit the site. I tried to access the site from home and at the office, using different browsers and connection was a breeze, provded of course you have good internet connection and a decent computer.

In all, the site is very well built, Its nice to visit a website that does very good on what its supposed to do, and the OSIST website a very good example. Though not the most fancy of websites with minimal graphic designs that is pretty much acceptable as it removes weight in browsing and showing only the things that you need to see. A very functional website I recommend this website to be a sure winner.

You can vote through the url

Mapping Windows Network Drive to Ubuntu

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its been a while since I figured out how to map a windows network drive to an Ubuntu Operating System. This is very useful especially if your office is using different types of Operating Systems.

Here are the steps:

1. On your Ubuntu Desktop, click on the places tab, which is usually found at the upper left portion, in between application and system and choose "connect to server" option

2. At the service type choose windows share, and simply fill up all the details:
- the server is the name of the pc where you want to connect(use the computer name)
- share is the folder name of the shared folder
- user name is the name of your pc
- domain name is your workgroup
- name to use in your connection is name that you would like to use

3. simply double click on the connect icon and the detwork drive should show up on your desktop

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review

One of the best films I have seen, Slumdog Millionaire is a movie worth watching. The plot itself is not new but what makes the story great is how they made the such a way where ordinary people can relate and yet provide an interesting scenario that has deep meaning. Majority of the people around the world are poor or at least their not rich, similar to the Character of Jamal, born of poverty and despite the huge opportunity that he has his desire is the simpliest of things, all he wanted was for Latika to see him in the game show. Jamal has all the qualities of an ordinary person living in a rather ordinary life, but is given an extraordinary experience that everyone wanted, the only difference was, his simple desire.

Even the Antagonist were very realistic, the brother Salim who became bad not because he wanted to but because of circumstances and influence of others, but deep inside, he still loved Jamal. The game show master, who simply became ignorant in accepting Jamal's winning streak, he was also the reason for Jamal's torchure. The police officer who like the game show master refused to accept that Jamal was not cheating and the two simply acted like any ordinary person would act, out of suspicion and the desire to know the truth, and these are very human traits.

There were also the gang members who in todays society is very much a part of. Every society has its own version of a gang, whether its in Mumbai, Manila or New York. These people shape the lives of those they encounter. In all its a great realistic story.

The movie did not have a lot of visual effects, just the normal drama scenes and minimal graphic effects, it was not great but it was well enough. It's rare to see a movie that shows cinematography and choice of shots, and even the angle to be just right, not great not spectacular, but just right. And that is what I think made this movie a film worth watching

Slumdog Millionaire

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is really one of the best movies that I have watched, it has deep meaning, fresh story, something we could relate to and really shows us what reality is in life. Very few movies or stories can reach to what this film has told, something that is not filled with special effects, nothing fancy but something that has meaning.

The film is about the amazing story of Jamal, an 18 year old teenager, his life in the slums and the biggest day in his life. He is one question away from winning 20 million rupees from India's version of the game show "Who wants to be a millionaire" and as the show pauses for the next day, Jamal is arrested because of suspicion of cheating. Upon interrogation, Jamal tells his story and how his experiences led him to the game show, from childhood, to the last minute of the game.

He was born in the slums together with his brother Salem on one of India's poorest places. He lost his mother at a young age, and the two start to live life on their own, doing whatever they can to survive, at this instant Jamal also met Latika. The two had a hard life, they were taken to be part of a gangster though they managed to escape, Latika was left behind. A few years later, the siblings return to save Latika, and Salem managed to kill the leader that once held them captive. Salem then joined another gang and took Latika for himself, leaving Jamal. A few years passed and Jamal found Latika, still captive with Salem as one of the gang members. Jamal then joins the game show not to win, but he simply thought Latika would watch.

Every question in the game was answered with the help of his experiences that he remembered so vividly. He answers the last question and won the prize, but his victory was not of money but of Latika, being saved from the gangster with the help of his brother who sacrificed his own life.

A very very splendid film, something that all of us can relate to.

Inkheart Movie Review

Inkheart is a fantasy movie starred by Brendan Fraser, a very typical hero type of an actor. The movie centers on how a father, reveals to her daughter how her mother was lost and shows her his unique ability which her daughter has inherited, and this ability is to bring characters from books to life. Hauted by the past, Mo (Brendan Fraser) battles againts odds to bring back his wife and saves the world from an evil character he has unleashed years before.

The story itself is relatively nice, its not too deep nor too shallow, a movie that can be shown to the entire family. Brendan shows his hero portrayal once again, and presents his usual ability to be the man that would save the day. Other characters did play well, most notably Hellen Mirren, which portrayed as Maggies aunt. The characters was well chosen, and Brendan would really fit the character of Mo. Cinematography and how the film was shot was very nice, getting less advantage of the background and more focus on the characters.But I felt the movie could have been better with inserting more details on the how the story went.

In all, Inkheart is a great family movie, though it could have gone a lot better if story had a bit more detail. A sequel would be nice to fill the gaps on the story, such as what did the villains do, after they were released and how was life inside the book.


Here is another movie from Brendan Fraser, and how he saves the day once more. Inkheart is a movie similar to the genres of Naria a fantasy movie that tells the amazing powers of Mo, played by Brendan, to turn bring to life the characters from the books that he reads out loud. But there is a twist to his powers, everytime a character comes out a book someone from the real world comes inside the book.

That is what happened the time he read a book to her daughter and brought in characters from Inkheart, a story set in medieval times and filled with magical creatures. Years later Dustfinger, a character from inkheart tracks them and abducts Mo, her daughter Maggie and Maggie's aunt. The three found out, other magical creatures that came out from the book, and truth to the disappearance of Maggies mother.

Dustfinger soon realizes his mistake and frees the three in pursuit to the remaining copy of inkheart and found their way to its author. As they found the author, Dustfinger admits to Mo that his wife is no longer inside the book but is held captive inside the castle where they were previously detained. The two decides to go back the castle and save the wife of Mo, while Maggie was abducted by villains at the house of inkhearts author.

The villains soon discovers that Maggie has inherited Mo's ability and uses her to unleash a powerful evil being from inkheart. Mo stops this,while Maggies used her own body and writes a story of her own and reads it aloud to save the day.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Would be nice than to sit down in a cold windy day and holding a hot cup of coffee. Thinking and wondering what would be life in a couple of minutes, a couple of hours, a couple of days and for the rest of your life. Coffee just seems to be one of the simplest but great things in life.

Every cold morning would not be complete without a hot cup of coffee. Some people drink coffee after lunch, or afternoon snack, and even if it keeps them awake some people take a cup of coffee in the middle of the night savoring the sweet bitter taste of coffee.

Some people live for coffee, some make a living out of it, regardless if their planting the seeds, retailing a cup or actually owning a shop. Some people grew young due to antioxidants, some grow old drinking coffee. Whatever happens, coffee will always be part of our lives.

A lot of people might say a couple of bad things about coffee, but I don’t think the majority would mind, knowing how good coffee feels. Coffee might be addicting and has its own side effects, but for some, coffee is their only companion through the hardships of work, through cold days and night. A cup of coffee can warm your body and sometimes create bonds that for some would last a life time.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Movie Review

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the prequel to the Underworld series, and just the previous releases, the movie centers on the struggle between Vampire and Werewolves known in this movie as Lycans. The movie showed most of the previous characters except Selene which is played by Kate Beckinsale. Although Kate or Selene was gone, another female vampire was present and She was Sonja played by Rhona Mitra. Athough I liked Kate more Rhona was equally stunning, plus her awesome performance as a Vampire princess.

The movie answered a few questions from the previous Underworld movies and the origin of the great feud the first two movies revolved upon. It nice to see that there is consistency on the movie based on what was previously told on the first movie. Actions scenes were immense, with battles that show a lot of gore and brutality, which of course I liked since the battles look realistic, despite having an R13 rating. Battle choreography was very nice, accompanied by great back ground but there were a bit awkward camera angles, but great fight scenes none the less.

The actors played very well, specially for Rhona, who fought and moved just like Kate, consistent with Sonja and Selene being incomparable in the eyes of Viktor. There were a few things I made me think though, like Kraven who was portrayed as a hero by the vampires where does he come in, and why did the Viktor and the rest of the elders went to sea, when in fact they would try to exterminate the Lycans. These questions might probably be answered if producers would make a fourth movie.

All in all, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, great movie, no money wasted, very very nice.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

The third movie from the Underworld is really something, seeing the first two movies made me feel that the third movie is bound to be spectacular.

Instead of making a sequel the movie producers decided on making a prequel which is pretty neat considering that the previous movies still lack a few details on their past.

It movie is centered on the origins of Lucian, leader of the Lycans from the first movie and how he became the first Lycan able to change to human form, after being born from a werewolf mother. He was then taken by Viktor, the vampire king who used lucian to create more lycans to be viktors slaves. The idea seemed perfect, lycans being stronger than humans and immortal as well would be best suited to being his slaves, Viktor even created a colar with spikes that would immediately kill any lycan whishing to transform.

The only thing was, and based on the first movie, Lucian was in love with Viktor's daughter, Sonja. Things get complicated when Sonja tried to escort a few nobles to enter their castle, but they were attacked by werewolves which unlike Lucian could not take human form. Lucian upon knowing this rushed to save Sonja, and disobeyed Viktor by transforming into a werewolf, amazingly other werewolves seemed to obey Lucian.

Viktor saw Lucians disobedience, and punishes him, after receiving severe punishment Lucian escapes with a few slaves but returns after knowing that Sonja would be killed after Viktor knew about their relationship. Lucian tries to free Sonja but was captured, Lucian is once again punished but this time by seeing Sonja die before him by being burned from sun light. Lucian once again tries to escape, but is severly injured, despite being weak, he calls upon his werewolf bretheren to attack the vampire castle. The sheer number of were wolves over powers the vampires and is over run, and Viktor is defeated by Lucian.

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