Josephine's water camp

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just before I went to Indonesia, I spent some time with my Girl friend and her family at Josephine's water camp in Cavite. The place was not that popular to me but as I roam around and swam I saw why they choose the place.

Before entering the place you'll notice a fish pond with a restaurant on top, i would assume that orders are freshly taken from the pond, which is very nice,knowing what your eating is actually very fresh.

Pools have play grounds making a perfect place for kids, the water was not deep possibly around three feet. The area was big enough for you to and your kids to roam around and yet still have time to have fun on you own.

The amenity which me and my GF spent most of our time was a river like pool, which amazingly has a current on its own. People only go on one direction since there are parts of the river with strong current, the water is also clean and is not that cold, perfect to cool of the heat.

I dont remember the exact price but its probably around 180 per person and cottages range from 200 to 1000+, again i'm not sure, but what I am sure is that this is really a very nice place for you and your family, its located in Cavite a few hours drive from Manila.

Punto Miguel

Monday, May 18, 2009

From time to time its nice to visit a place away from the noisy city streets and pollution yet is still a drive away from the Metro and here is one of those places. Punto Miguel is about two to three hours drive from the Manila, depending on traffic, you would also have to travel by boat which is roughly five to ten minutes away from port.

The place isn't well known such as boracay or Puerto Gallera but it still is pretty nice considering the location and it does have clear waters. The sand is not powdery white but its better than black or dark sands, which is common to the place.

But looking closely to the sand you'll notice that there are more rocks bits than sand at the shore, plus the occasional sea urchins and crabs, so I needed extra care while walking specially at night.

The resort does have a function room which overlooks the islands and waters that commands the beautiful beach, but since we went there with a bit of rain, we were wet before we even took a dip at the water since its very open.

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