Nintendo Wii

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with video games starting from the family computer to the games in my personal computer. Then came a revolution, the playstation which I was in one way became more addicted to playing with titles like final fantasy, red alert, silent hill and resident evil. But soon it had to pass and I had to grow, but then came another revolution, the best console I have tried, Nintendo's Wii.

The package (which I bought includes the console, the remote, nunchuck (not included in the picture) the various cables, sensor and wii sports.

You play the game by moving your body and using the remote, nunchuk and other add-on devices. What made this unique is the fact that you dont just use your hands, your actually required to move other parts of the body making the games more interactive. For now I am looking for cheaper titles as the one's available are a bit expensive.

My 2010 New Years Arsenal

Every New year here in the Philippines, it is imperative that we celebrate with a bang, weather you have a lot or just a few, what is important is that fire crackers has always and probably will still stay in the Filipino tradition. I am not good in history but some say that we got our firecrackers from the Chinese who lived and traded with our ancestors and with it, the promise of removing bad luck for the new year and to bring about good luck in the coming year. Firecrackers have been lit for a long time every new year and 2010 is no difference, except for the fact that I had a tight budget, so I just bought and lit some of the basic and probably the most practical.

This obviously is not a firecracker but this is what I use and recommend to lit those nasty firecrackers. Accidents happen, but we cant let a few accidents defer us from having fun and celebrate the new year, so here is a pretty good suggestion. Firecrackers are thrown first on the ground before you lit them using this "katol" or mosquito coil on a stick, so your hands have a bit of distance from the explosion.

The classic 5 star fire cracker, it never looses out of touch, but some have poor quality and explodes as soon as it feels heat. Extra care should be taken if playing with these guys. I bought one box which has 10 packs and each packs have 10 pieces, giving me 100 ways to be a bit concerned on my hands.

Piccolo, this has become a favorite, its cheap and gives a good bang. its also relatively small, a little bit thicker than a match. I bought one box which has 10 packs and each packs have 60 of these nasty guys, and blowing up 600 fire crackers is a good way to wake up the neighbor.
another favorite and classic, the "kwitis", this baby is not just used during the new year but during fiesta's as well. It shoots up in the sky and makes one bang,, leaving behind a trail of nasty smoke, but its fun to see something go up like a rocket.

My finale, I lit this up just before 12 o' clock 25 small rockets in sequence going straight in the sky. I just did not know how they would fall, but what is important is that they did go up and gave a bang.

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