Tips in public speaking

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dragon Blogger is a friend of mine from Social Spark and made a spark on some tips in public speaking. Speaking in front of an audience is a bit difficult but that doesn't mean you can't make it a bit easier for yourself. I got my experiences in public speaking way back in college and I've been using the same tricks now that I'm working for the government. I'm no expert but I think these tips might help.

1. NEVER! memorize your speech unless you can do so flawlessly-Memorizing is hard work and the worst part of it is that it would take eat up a lot of your time, and during your presentation if you miss a word you might end up missing the entire paragraph or even get lost at all, just make sure you know your topic.

2. Make an outline of your speech or presentation-It won't hurt bringing an outline of what you have to say, just to give you a guide if your a bit lost at the flow of your presentation. Never write everything in your outline, remember it's just a guide on what comes next so you wont miss anything and know what you will say next.

3. Unless necessary make your presentation brief, simple but complete-This makes your job a bit easier, you should use simple words and tackle only the main points, branching topics will make your presentation longer and might end up being boring and confusing.

4. Make sure you have ample time in preparing for your topic with enough rest before your presentation - never cram a presentation, you'll mostly end up missing a few important details, and have a good night sleep before you present. Not only will you need your energy, it will make you look and feel better as well.

5. Know your audience, anticipate questions and prepare your answers- you need to know who your audiences are, what they might know or concerns are about. This gives you an idea on what they might ask for you to prepare ahead of time and maybe impress them a bit.

6. Dress accordingly-packaging is very important, ask people on what clothes you should wear if your unsure. But regardless of what you wear make sure they are not only appropriate but comfortable as well.

7. Before presenting, remember to relax and breathe- for obvious reasons, you can't expect to deliver a presentation being nervous, you don't want to have a mental block-out in the middle of your presentation. This helps you to be confident.

8. Look at your audience while presenting or just look at their hair-you need to look confident, and if you have trouble looking at the audience...simply look at their hair. Yes, their hair, this gives you the impression that your looking at their faces.

9. Use clear well modulated voice-I think in order to be effective you need to make sure you can clearly say what you need to say, and that everybody understands you.

10. Try to be lively-once in a while you can crack jokes, tell experiences, use visual aides, etc., anything to keep your audience attention to you. Everybody hates a boring presentation.

To know more about Dragon Blogger you can check out his site at Latest in Gadgets and Technology

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Being an IT professional I usually browse and search for the latest news in IT. and the gadgets that pop up every now and then. As you know the IT industry is a very fast paced industry with technologies and innovations appearing suddenly from nowhere, supplying the hungry demand for new ways to make life a little bit simplier and better.

Here is a place that suites those needs, features some of the latest news in Gadgets and Technology, with categories ranging from Accessories to News, bluerayer provides good information not only to individuals like myself, but even to ordinary individuals who just want to know about something.

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Google: Chrome Web Browser

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Being a google fan myself, I felt excited when google finaly released it's own web browser and it it's pretty obvious how they really wanted to dominate the internet industry.

After downloading the browser I installed it immediately and installing was a breeze without much to thinker about, after installation, the next best thing to do is actually use the browser. looking at how google presented the new browser, I was impressed to see how much space my 14" inch LCD monitor really was. With Chrome you only get to see whats actually important...a lot of space for your internet life.

The address bar which also acts as a search box is a good way of thinking out of the box, saving space and getting all those searches for you, and for google to indulge in, this feature removes other search engines to be used, since its already part of your browser, pretty neat. Tabs are a bit of a standard in todays browers and all the rest of your options are packed in the corner, I guess this is also a part of cleaning up the browser.

downloading items seems to be faster but in terms of opening sites, I'm not that impressed yet, some sites still open just like you would when using other browsers, specially to heavy sites that use a lot of videos and stuff. Another thing that I really don't like is the lack of customizing the browser. It's just a plain blue clean browser for me, but I guess that's just fine considering it's just a beta version.

I hope that next version would be a lot better.

A night to remember: Bus ride

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I guess its just one of those day's when you expect things to go nicely but went horribly bad, and all you wanted to do is to make someone happy. It's like when you have a really bad migrane and even if its killing you, you still have the strength to smile do something that you think special, and all of a sudden a big wall slams into your face, and you can't help yourself pull together for a brief moment. 

It's 8:00 pm and all you wanted to do was to go home, take some rest, and thank the lord for the blessings that he gave you. All of a sudden the angels in heaven decided to play bowling and it seems someone is loosing pretty badly. The rain seems endless and the road has turned into a river with cars floating like boats, good thing I have an umbrella and a tough pair of shoes.

As soon I step into the bus, I felt calmer, with my cellphone as my music companion I tried to sleep the night at the bus. After an hour I woke up and I noticed I was still at the same road with only a few meters from where I took the ride, I never felt sleepy again. It was still raining, another hour past and another until it took me five hours at the bus just to get home, five which normally would only take two or three hours at most.

It's 1:00 Am and my body feels numb, at last I can savour my bed and sleep my thoughts behind, and hope for a pleasant day when I wake up.

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