One great breakfast

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A good breakfast is probably the most important meal in your day, to make this meal special I decided to make something I just craved. A good rice meal with omelet and sauté'd vegetables. A lot of butter and hot sauce really made a good breakfast and ended up with a great day.

Secure locks

A time came when I had to keep my things inside a locker but for obvious reasons I had to buy my own locks. I have heard scores of instances where locks were opened and valuables taken. That is why I looked for something that seemed secure enough, I ended up with this certain type of lock.

At first glance, it just looks like any ordinary lock until you take a close look at the keys.

I know it looks like a phillips screwdriver but its really the key hole.

Home made pizza of Guiller

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I have made home made pizza's before (you can click here to view my post) and I guess I'm not the only one in our family who loves to make pizza's at home. My younger brother has recently made a very nice pizza on his own, while I use bread, he instead used real dough.

A very simple pizza, but very delicious.

Samsung GT-E2120

With all the expenses around us, would it be nice to have a phone that not just only does the job that we require but also gives that extra mile without the extra cost. Such is what I have found in the Samsung E-2120.

One of the not so latest but not so old Samsung Mobile phone model which I got my hands on. Some of the features of this very nice phone includes:

  • Textured cover
  • 1.52 inch screen with 65K colours
  • FM radio with internal antenna
  • VGA camera
  • External Memory (upto 2GB)
  • MP3 player
  • 520 hours standby time and 10hours talk time (According to their website )

As you can see there really isn't much with this phone, but with the price tag of around Php2,000 or  a little less than $50 its a pretty good deal, considering also that its Samsung. Here you can see the back side, of the phone, its all I'll be showing since there really isn't much to look at except the nice texture of the cover.

You'll notice that just like some of Nokia's boxes, Samsung has also made clear that there is no point putting a small phone in a large box specially if your putting only a few pieces of paper, headset and charger inside.

What's great about this phone is that, its not only cheap but functional as well. I placed a 2GB MicroSD card and it worked without slowing. The call quality was excellent and the talk and standby time seems to live to what Samsung has indicated in its website. The music on loud speakers is acceptable, loud enough to be heard with decent quality, but adding the headset changes that to a very superb quality. There is no equalizers but I really didn't need it since the quality was really good for the price. Camera quality is mediocre, but acceptable with the video playback to be a bit awkward since it plays in a very small space. My only wish is for the phone to be able to play music while I read or write text messages.

In all, Its a great phone, specially if your just looking for a budget friendly phone that just enables you to call and text while at the same time provides great quality and yes, play great music.

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