Quotes from The Book of Eli

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here are some of the quotes that I liked from the movie, click here for my blog about the The Book of Eli.

1. "Both thorn and thistles it should bring forth, for us. For out of the ground we were taken for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return." - Eli

2. Stay on the path. It's not your concern. - Eli

3. I walk by faith, not by sight. It means that you know something even if you don't know something. It doesn't have to make sense, it's faith, it's faith. It's the flower of light in the field of darkness, it's giving me the strength to carry on - Eli

4. Do for others more than what you do for yourself - Eli

5. "Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the conviction and the strength to complete the task you entrusted to me. Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path and for keeping me resolute when all around seemed lost. Thank you for your protection and the many signs along the way. Thank you for any good I may have done, I am so sorry about the bad. Thank you for the friend I've made and please watch over her as you did for me. Thank you for finally allowing me to rest. I'm so very tired but I go now to my rest and peace knowing that I have done right with my time on this Earth. I fought the good fight, I finished the race, I kept the faith." - Eli

The Book of Eli

In a time when the things we take for granted are being fought for and sometimes to kill for. The movie, the book of eli tells a fictional future when one man fights for a book that became so important for him to protect, that he is given not just permission but extraordinary skills to kill.

Its been almost thirty years and the world has become a wasteland after the war. With few people left and almost depleted resources, the rest of the population resort to extreme means to survive, some eat human meat, others kill and some scavenge on whatever it is that is useful. during this time, Eli has been walking across America, and with his gift he kills anyone who tries to him.

Upon his travel, he comes across a town ruled by Carnegie who uses bikers in search of a certain book. Eli then comes into trouble in the local bar and kills everyone inside. Seeing this Carnegie tries to win over Eli not just because of his skills but also, because Eli is literate. Despite Eli's refusal Carnegie sends Solara to seduce Eli, but is turned downed once again. Instead Eli invites her to share his food and prays before eating. After eating, Solara see's the book that Eli is reading but is Eli kept it away.

Solara then tries to imitate the prayer with her mother and was seen by Carnegie, Carnegie then asks the book that Eli has and tells that it has a cross. This sparks Carnegie to pursue Eli and his book while Solara tags along Eli, hoping to have a better life. During the pursuit, Eli and Solara comes across a house where an old couple lives, Carnegie finds them in the house and both exchange gun shots, with Eli loosing and Carnegie acquiring the book, but not without looses. Eli being left alone and being shot continues to go south, while SOlara after being successful in releasing herself from Carnegie follows Eli and both continue their jouney until they come across Alcatraz.

There, Eli asks the caretaker to gather paper as he muster his strength to re-tell the book that he had kept and read for almost thirty years. What he kept and remembered were the words from the Bible, and despite Carnegie holding the only copy of the book, he is unable to read it because the words are in braile, Eli dies after successfully dictating the entire Bible.

The Book of Eli, is a fascinating story of faith while maintaining that sense of action in a film that we all love.

How to setup proxy for Nokia 5800

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I would like to share something that took me a while to figure out with my Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. That is setting up a proxy for connecting to a network that requires proxy settings. I would assume that your phone has its WLAN scanning turned "on" and that your unit can detect the wireless network. Configuring a proxy for your Nokia 5800 is not difficult , here is what i did.

1. On your phone go to or tap Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Internet
2. Choose and tap the network you wish to access
3. Inside choose options and select advanced settings
4. If the network needs an IP address you can select it and add the IP address, otherewise, just leave it and enter the proxy address and port number for your network

One done, you should be able to connect to your network.

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