AKA: Archangel

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its been a while since i'v been using the Alias Archangel on-line, I use it in my email adds, titles and character names, maybe I should write something about it.

It started during Highschool, it was the advent of Massively Multi Role Playing Games (MMRPG) before it took the O for Online in MMORPG, eniways, the games were Star Craft and Diablo, those games which I still play until today, started my life with the PC.

First was Diablo, damn that game was awesome during those days, we played after class, and me and my friends would build a party and choose a character of choice. I choose the Barbarian, very muscular, very strong, all out attack character, and what was his name, you guessed it, Archangel. Now why did I take this name, well, honestly I'm not really sure but maybe it was because I really like the wings of angels and I always thought archangels were God's elite. And being an angel It has a sort of divinity and power that I really could not explain.

Then star craft, which ever side I choose my name would still be archangel, and from then on I'm using that alias on line up until now. Now, why archangel, simple, I just find it cool...

Tuna Con Crackers

Monday, April 28, 2008

Now, I said I was looking for a nice partner of my beer, and I've got a good one, now some may say, eewww, or yuuukkk, or anything you guys want to say I believe some people already know this and it is great, what you do is get a nice can of Tuna, I prefer the spicy one, I think its like 100 grams or so, I'm not really sure, but standard can that you see in your local grocery store will do put it in a bowl, Microwave for about a minute or so, then dump enough crackers to make it a bit dry. Now, what the crackers do is it sip's all that oil, then just mix it all together while its hot.

It tastes great, and a nice partner for beer to, or any alcoholic drink you want. You should try it, I would'nt have the nerve to post it if it makes me sick, honestly...


There are times when man just needs to get away from it all, or just needs to bond with fellow men, and what better way to do that is to have a nice cold bottle or can of beer. Some may disagree but since i work for the Department of Science and Technology, I've heard that a bottle of light beer might be good for you, Their still finalizing the study but hey, its a good start.

I'm just an occasional drinker and I personally don't see anything wrong with it as long as you know what your doing and your not overdoing things...if you know what i mean..

Now what your seeing here is a nice big glass of ice cold beer, it's just light so i don't get much carbohydrates, well, that's what they say, but honestly I just like it coz' its not too bitter if it's not cold anymore.

Just remember, drinking isn't really bad, as long as you know what you are doing, responsible and not overdoing yourself, we don't want to spend money buying beer and then throw it up afterwards, I find it a waste of money, time and precious beer. Now for a while I was looking for a nice partner and I found a good one, its a called Tuna con crackers, you'll know this one on the next blog..

Blogging: something to think about...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now what...

thats the first thing in my mind while writing this blog...well it's just Ive started blogging since 2005 or even as late as 2003 in as simple as trying to post my thoughts or any thoughts in the web, but i cant seem to know why...

Well, I don't get any money even comments in blogging, I've signed in to numerous sites that offer blogs and a bit of interaction to the rest of the universe but, I still cant seem to think on any reason why I'm doing this...Sometimes i want to do something else like something that would actually let me earn that might even be enough to buy me a piece of candy...

But i still want to be optimistic, maybe blogging is a way on how i express my freedom to say what i want and how i want to say it...it might not be always dramatic nor artistic not even enticing, but still it has a bit of sense, well for me at least, and its an outlet. Now, i know its better to talk to someone face to face but the thing is, you cant tell them everything freely, just an example when your telling your sad story he or she cuts you from your mumbling and tells his or her own sad story...see it sucks, for me i'd really want to tel that person, "heyy dude would you mind, im crying out here, me first..." duh!!!...people can sometimes be so insensitive.

but here, you just type your way out, until some guy is willing enough to take the risk of actually listing to you...that is if anybody is willing, if not, well at least you've told the world your side of the story...It's not your fault if nobody wants to listen, or in this case, read.

High Prices

Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm a single guy, living with my parents with very little financial
obligation, to think that I earn a lot more than an average employee
of my age and status, and still i feel the worsening economy. I earn
almost two and a half times more than the minimum wage and yet I still
can't seem to enjoy what I earn, Where living in today's society requires
oneself not only to own a decent mobile phone but to be able to communicate
and to express himself uniquely among others.

We should be enjoying the benefits of technology and harness its potential
but we are hindered by the fact the everything has a price and not just
any price, but a very expensive price. Okey, I might be exaggerating things
but hheeyy, some prices are above what normal people can afford. Its true a
lot of companies offer lower rates and promos but for a family who earns
just enough, its easy to decide on what to spend their money with, high
prices of basic commodities for low prices of technology. I for instance
would rather buy 2 sacks of rice for the eee PC of ASUS.

Now, why am i babbling about this stuff, coz, at the end everyone of us would
have to work twice as hard just to live the life that we want, and i guess
that's my point, how can we live the life that we want when we cant even
afford to spend to buy all the good stuff, life has to offer. I speak in behalf
of the lower middle class people...life sucks if your working like hell, and yet
you cant hardly taste heaven...

Sony Ericsson K320i Review

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've had a number of phone's to play with and this time id get the opportunity to tell something about my newly grabbed toy...

i got the phone from a local subscribers plan, a very cheap plan but also very economical. Its a Sony Ericsson K320i mobile phone, my other option for my plan was a nokia 2630, i looked at both of their specifications at websites of their creators and they seemed to be on the same level. Ever since i was a nokia guy, from the awkward nokia 5110 to their Nseries, but soon i thought i just need a plan to save cost and at the same time have a new phone.

I thought of having a different kind of phone and i think i made a pretty good decision about it. The
K320i had a pretty look, though Sony Ericssion seem to make their phone's all look alike with their signature joystick. The design looked pretty though, but i have yet to test that hypothesis, since my nokia phones are tried and tested phones when it comes to being tough (my nokia phones have been thrown around and they still work, some from 8 feet high, and only got cracks on their casing's, but they still work just fine...).

The menu seems pretty straight forward and not that hard to learn as i previously expected, the space on the texting is on the pound sign which is pretty close
to the 0 of nokia's, which made it pretty easy for me to text. the graphics seem to be just fine
considering the price of the phone, not to crisp nor has much detail but then again its far better
than other phone's of the same level.

The voice quality and volume when talking is pretty much normal, nothing to fancy, and unlike nokia music phone which has a special chip for music, this phone is provides acceptable sounds,
though you might not have enough space since this critter only has 15 mb of memory, very
mediocre compared to other phones, and nowadays most phones have expandable memory, while the K320i just doesn't have that kind of feature.

battery life isn't much, from talk time to standby time, since i use my phone quite often, i seem to charge em' every day, so i suggest you buy either extra battery or extra charger for this phone.

the K320i features good connectivity from GPRS, to blue tooth to infrared, and might come in handy for those who would like wireless headsets or PC connectivity

my verdict, if your a middle guy who just wants to have a fancy phone for your everyday communication needs and that's right to your budget, then this phone's for you, just make sure buy extra batteries and/or charger. But if your a techie guy, then this phone is just not good enough, it doesn't have enough
memory and battery life is bad.

These are some of the things that i noticed on my phone, personally i like it but i wouldn't recommend this phone for high-end users since it lacks just a few points to be truly satisfying.
but then again when you buy a phone you need to think of your priorities, this one is for those who take budget as a priority with just a few thoughts on features.

Step Up 2: The Streets

Wow!!!, one great word to describe this movie...I mean it..

I haven't seen the first movie and i don't really care, all i know is that this movie is a blast. The movie started out great revealing what the movie is all about, and you'd guess it dancing. The moves on the train was fantastic specially the dude who seemed to be a human vibrator running under the seat then out, for one time they looked liked monkey jumpin' around the train, but hey, they pulled out great with those moves, i think it was a great way to start the movie, it lets the audience (such as myself) to have a taste of action right from the start.

Andie is very sexy and very talented with her craft, but unfortunately for her, she ended up in a rather unhealthy group of friends, i thought the black dude was hitting on her, but at the later part of the movie, he showed up to be the bad guy.

In almost every movie there's always a dork, and this guy was supposed to be one, or so i thought, he ended up being one of the most talented and important friends Andie has got when she goes to compete, it never came to my mind until he danced and he dances very well. I also thought it would be better if Andie had met with her "crew" before she thought of competing, i dont know, it might just look interesting...

But the best part of the movie,was their last dance, i mean it was a blast, the pouring rain went very very damn well, and their moves was unbelievable, specially when chase was like pumping Andie's heart out..wow!!!, i wished i danced that well...

its a very very good movie, id rather watch this movie for several times than some of the titles from the first quarter of this year...very nice...

Money Basket

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I live in a family who always maintain a close tie with each other, whenever someone needs help there's always someone to shoulder you. It sounds pretty great, but based on experience, things aren't that great. Specially if your on the giving end, i have nothing againts helping your relatives, as a matter of fact, i even encourage it, but only up to a certain point. I really dont like it when people start to look into your pay slip and ask, "where does all your money go?", I mean, duh...who are you to care, as long as I don't ask money, why would I tell.

If someone in the family needs help, I'm there, but not always. I can't give everything that I have, I also need to save for myself. People sometimes look at you
if you have an above average salary, and they always look at you as someone they can borrow money from. I really dont like that kind of thinking. I may sound selfish and all, and maybe I really am, but I hope some people understand that while I'm willing to help, they should also help themselves. This not just about me, but also to those who are also in same position as I am, like my father, who always helps and we sometimes agree that, while we share our blessings, its not right to always ask for help.

Sometimes its better to do something about your situation, its only when you used up all your option are you to ask for help.

Best Friend

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I once had a best friend, he was my cousin from my fathers side of the family, but that was a long time ago...We were almost the same age and played a lot, eat a lot, laugh a lot and do stupid things a lot.
I never had any other friend as good as him, we never shared our problems, maybe because we thought
we were men, and needed to be strong. I had a lot of good memories with him, specialy on how stupid we once were, we would catch frogs, ignite fire crackers which were inches from an LPG tank, and play stupid games, but we had fun.

As time goes by, i think we simply grew up, and the connection between each other seem to disappear when he tried to steal some of my stuff, for reasons i think should not be posted in this blog. my father retrieved all of my stuff, and cought up on him and taught him a few good lessons. we never talked since then, even during the family reunions, and its been almost eight years.

A few weeks ago i heard a tearable news, he's been shot five times and when people said the news he was still in ICU, it came to be a shock.
I knew he was doing something but it never came to my mind that he would end up in that situation.
Her mother, my aunt, came to me in tears, even if she knew her son was not in good terms, asking for help, any help.

How can i resist, he was once my best friend and even if he's no longer my best friend, we had our share of good times, not to mention he's also my cousin, my first cousin. iI gave what i can, and if you'd ask me if I'd forgiven him, well, I never judged him, nor did i became angry, I just wanted an apology. Last week i visited him, he was improving, but still needs treatment. I guess you can really blame people for their actions, coz these actions can sometimes be the result of a far more deeper reason, sometimes beyond our comprehention, but often, misjudged and mis understoond.

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