Typhoon Ondoy a.k.a Ketsana

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

last September 26 the Philippines witnessed one of the worst calamity man has had to endure. Typhoon Ondoy a.k.a Ketsana was barely as strong as the previous storms but brought far more havoc than anything we have ever witnessed. I was on my way to my Girlfriends house and it was already raining but suddenly the water began to rise. The rain was not that strong but it did continue to rise at such a fast pace that the water started to go up through the floor of the bus in less than two hours.

Then as fast as the water came, it went away with just the same rate, but unfortunately the bus that I was riding had its engine damaged due to flood water so I had to walk a few meters to look for a new bus (the water was still ankle deep). The new bus went forward, it was a bit higher but by the time we were on the overpass we saw the extent of the flood which was a bit scary.

After 12 hours of travel I arrived at my Girlfriends house bringing with me a couple of canned goods, candles, bottled water and biscuits as they do not have any foods stored. We ate what we had and hoped that the rain would stop and that the water do not rise any further as the water was already chest high. We stayed at the second floor hoping for sunshine.

Flowers from Alfonso

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

last August 31 I went with my Girlfriends family to visit some of their relatives at Alfonso, Cavite. The place was far and on high ground, the temperature was mild and humid, that was probably the reason why my girlfriends grandparents choose planting flowers as their past time. I personally don't know what these flowers are but they are pretty, here are some of these beautiful plants:

Nice purple and violet colored flowers that seem to hang upside down.

I guess this is an orchid of some sort.

Another orchid, this was pretty high so I had to tip toe to catch a good shot.

I find this vine interesting since the leaves only grow on one side and grow in a spiral manner.

Bright yellow flowers that have been damped by the humidity.

Another flower at the top of a tree, it seems to have a smaller flower within.

The violet leaves makes the flower glow, or might just be the flash of my camera.

Like all gardens, insects play a vital role to help flowers bloom.

Im not sure about this insect, some say a type of cockroach but Im not sure, all I know is that it has a hard exoskeleton and is huge.

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