Mabini Mansions

Monday, February 22, 2010

During office events and/or trainings we usually require to stay on a hotel for a couple of nights specially if you live far from your venue. This has been the sometimes in our office, hence, we or the organizers look for a suitable and yet affordable temporary home. Very few of these places takes my attention, and one of these places was Mabini Mansions along Mabini Avenue in Manila.

(image taken from mabini mansions website

Here are some of the photos taken inside the hotel;

Of course the main purpose of finding a place to stay and rest is definitely a comfortable bed. The size where I stayed was probably a king size bed because it can accommodate two persons. Aside from the comfortable bed was the clean and neat bed sheets which is equally important.

Then there is the couch to rest before you go to bed, or watch cable TV while waiting for time to pass. The couch were also comfortable and very neat.

One thing I really loved about the place was that the rooms offered a kitchen complete with utensils, an electric stove and a refrigerator.

You would not call Mabini Mansions a five star hotel but considering a price tag of just Php 1,550 to Php 1,85o or roughly $34 to $38 its a pretty good deal. Finding a clean comfortable place to stay is not that expensive and is a good alternative for the budget conscious. The hotel is in Manila and the place is also very accessible and within reach of the US embassy. The Hotel URL is

Penang Hill Restaurant

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day has passed and like any occasion, it is best celebrated with your love one and of course with great food. We stumbled upon a great place to eat at Penang Hill last year for no apparent reason, and found out that the place offers great food and whats better is that its very accessible, you can find it at the second floor of Robinson's Mall in Manila. With the great experience we had last year we decided to have our Valentines dinner at Penang Hill.

Black Pepper Tiger Pranws, a very tasty dish with a dash of spice. The prawns are cut in the middle for easy eating, and despite the generous dash of pepper, the prawns are not that spicy.

Almost every filipino meal needs a rice, and we choose not just any rice and choose the very tasty sea food fried rice. With all the sea food in the rice, its a complete meal in itself.

Another dish we love is this Beef Rendang, the soft beef with a mild spicy taste really kept our appetite at a high level.

We didnt have any dissert since we were already full, so what my girlfriend had was a sweet dalandan juice to finish her meal.

And mine, a not so sweet and a bit sour green mango juice.

The typical budget in this restaurant would probably be at around Php 1,000 to Php 1,200 for two people but the price is humbled by the great food. Penang Hill is located at the second floor of Robinsons Manila. Almost every taxi in Metro Manila knows hot to get to Robinsons, which is also very accessible via the local commute system (jeepneys and buses).

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