Skyline: A movie that could have been a blockbuster

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

During the last few days, movie goers seem to flock to only one line and that would be Harry Potter 7 part 1, and that almost no other movie was available nor seemed interesting to watch except for one, Skyline. We have seen the trailer before as well as the posters and the movie seemed to offer an alternative, or so we thought.

The movie is just all about the title itself, a group of people who's last few hours of their lives revolved at the top of the tower, evading an alien invasion. Aliens seem to hypnotize human being and suck them to their ships or sometimes not for the purpose of getting their brains to make more aliens. The graphics seemed good enough and the actors seem to know what to do with themselves but the story not that good. Not much action was seen only, people avoiding capture. 

And it seems that the best part was barely shown on the last part where the lead actors brain was somehow still in control when it was transferred to an alien body and tries to protect his girlfriend and started attacking enemy aliens. I guess that should have been the part where they should have concentrated, but then the title would not have been skyline. Its just a shame to see that this could have been a good movie, something like of War of the Worlds mixed with Ben Ten.

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