Gamer: A movie that could almost be a reality

Monday, November 15, 2010

Every now so often, we would come across a movie that would make us think. Just recently, I was able to view such a film, at first I thought it was another action film from the guy who made Sparta look cool from the movie 300, but then the film was in fact for me a possible reality.

The movie is about in a time on a not so distant future when social networking has taken an advanced step into human life, and that nano-technology as evolved into something that can not only be controlled but can reproduce as well. Gerard Butler plays as Kable a framed convicted criminal who is part of an online reality game of kill or be killed "Slayers", as a character he is being controlled by a kid named Simon played by Logan Lerman. Kable then works his way to freedom from being controlled including his wife who is also part of an online reality game "Society", and his child.

Certainly, the technology imagined in the movie has its roots in todays world. The virtual reality used by Simon could be the future of Telepresence, possibly a room filled with sensors, walls of HD screen, a very high speed connection via fiber and probably a multiple times faster than the current I7 processor of Intel. Even the nano technology is not that far from imagination, even today experts are working on nano technology to help save lives and improve performance on how we work, maybe not as small as a single human cell but certainly did we think we could pack billions of transistors the size of our thumb 20 years back which makes up todays processors?

With regards to signal transmission, that could be something that needs a lot more work, since there are a lot more things to consider specially the environment and signal strength to ensure seamless connection, specially if your playing online games, but even that is not fictional. Either we fill the entire city with access points (which some cities are now working on) or improve our RFID technology.

But probably what is scary is that it is a great possibility that every single one of us could be fitted with an IP address. A unique set of binary or hexadecimal digits that would allow us to be reached much like a mobile phone but with much more direct access. We value our privacy and that is reflected on the way we protect our personal information specially on the internet where everything could be accessed with the right hardware and software. With social networking being one of the biggest income generating sub-industry in the field of IT, people will certainly invest on how to entertain and get their attention as well.


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